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CARPRO GlassMitt - Glass cleaning mitt

GlassMitt is specifically designed for deep, edge-to-edge cleaning of interior glass, easily removing all traces of human breath, air conditioning fumes and haze, leaving the glass surface completely clean and streak-free, especially in hard-to-reach areas on front and rear windows.

Use the squared side with Clarify or Eraser to remove most of the dirt, then use GlassFiber on the side for a final wipe and streak-free result.

The special MF mixture allows gentle, streak-free removal of all the dirt particles that would normally form an opaque layer on the interior glass, limiting visibility and increasing haze.


  • Two sides of different materials
  • Squared side for efficient cleaning
  • Fibreglass side for a streak-free finish

Care instructions:
Wash separately from your cleaning cloths.
Use a gentle cycle in your washing machine, maximum 40 °C (104 °F).
Use a liquid detergent or CARPRO MFX microfibre detergent. Do not use fabric softeners or biosofteners as they will damage the microfibres.

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