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CARPRO DabDab - Wash mitt

DabDab is a new ultra-soft wash mitt made from a special blend of long and short fibres to safely remove dirt when washing both ceramic-coated and uncoated vehicles.

We designed its rigid interior to follow the contours of the body to maximise the contact area and improve dirt removal properties. The double-sided design allows you to transfer more water and shampoo from the bucket to the vehicle for greater cleaning performance and safer washing overall.


Wash part of the panel and then turn the DabDab around and move on, or continue working in the same area to clean more. DabDab will definitely increase the efficiency of your wash.


  • Bipartite
  • Super soft fibres
  • A cooler interior for a better contact surface.

Care instructions:
Wash separately from your cleaning cloths.
Use your washing machine's gentle cycle, maximum 40°C (104°F).
Use a liquid detergent or CARPRO MFX microfibre detergent. Do not use fabric softeners or biosofteners as they will damage the microfibres.


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