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CARPRO MicroFibre Suede 10x10cm

The best applicator for applying coatings.
Our CARPRO Suede MicroFiber applicator is considered by all users to be the best applicator for applying coatings. Thanks to its ultra-soft, smooth and self-absorbing material, it is the preferred applicator for CQUARTZ ceramics, used in combination with with CQUARTZ applicator. Once you've tried these applicator pads to cover paint and glass, you'll be convinced!

In addition, it is ideal for wiping navigation screens, TV screens and various sensitive monitors. Very suitable for applying CQUARTZ to larger surfaces such as boats, caravans, airplanes and large vehicles.

Application of CQUARTZ.
Navigation screens.
TVs and monitors .

Suitable for CQUARTZ applicator block.


Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0,2 cm


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