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CARPRO ECH2O 500ml - Waterless glossy cleaner

ECH2O is a water-free cleanser and shine enhancer, the result of 2 years of research and development.

ECH2O is designed to work with ceramic coatings, but at the same time it also allows easy cleaning of non-ceramic or wax-coated surfaces. Based on a SiO2 hybrid framework and an environmentally friendly organic lubricant, ECH2O easily cleans and brightens a variety of vehicle exteriors.

The colour and chrome take on a whole new level of shine and reflectivity with this incredible formula and, even better, it's easy to use even in extreme heat and direct sunlight. Our proprietary blend of soaking agents, combined with natural organic extracts and lubricants, ensures a scratch-free and eco-friendly waterless cleaning experience.

Combined with a high quality microfiber cloth, the lubricants help to safely remove larger particles from the surface, while the residues of the ECH2O solution become an active cleaning agent on the entire surface and start to soak up the dirt left on the surface. Before the final step (indicated in the product instructions), the solution may dry to a gentle haze, indicating that it is ready to wipe away the residue.

The secret to ECH2O's safe cleaning performance is the combination of a modified high-silica SiO2 component and its inherent cleaning power, which easily removes dust and light dirt while leaving behind a wet, glass-like surface. The finish left by ECH2O mimics the incredible properties that have become synonymous with CARPRO SiO2 waxes for CQUARTZ ceramic protection over the years.


  • High gloss sio2 hybrid spray wax
  • Cleans safely and without scratching
  • Ideal for both ceramic and uncoated vehicles


  1. Dilute 1:10 - 1:15 with water.
  2. Spray ECH2O liberally and thoroughly over the entire panel.
  3. Wipe lightly BOA with microfibre flap, often turning to the fresh side.
  4. Spray ECH2O over the entire surface once more.
  5. Wipe fresh once more BOA with microfibre flap, this time removing all the remaining dirt.
  6. Go to the next panel and repeat steps 2-5. Continue around the vehicle.
  7. Finally, wipe again with a fresh clean towel.

Use as a Quick Detailer: Dilute 1:15, spray on and wipe off.

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