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CARPRO Reload 2.0 - Ceramics maintenance product

By maintaining the same simple application, we were able to improve everything about Reload's performance. Basically: higher gloss, longer durability, better resistance to chemical and environmental damage.

Originally developed to maintain the protection and finish quality of CQUARTZ ceramics, Reload has also proven itself as a stand-alone protection product, providing up to 3 months of daily protection for cars. Reload's easy-to-use water-based formulation can be applied to all vehicle surfaces (even wet), making it ideal for quickly adding protection and shine to your vehicle.


  • Spray-on protectant containing Sio2 + siloxane
  • Superhydrophobic, self-cleaning
  • Improved gloss, slip, water stain and chemical resistance


  • Shake well.
  • Spray on the Reload 2.0 section (~50x50cm).
  • Apply evenly with a microfibre cloth.
  • Wait 30-60s.
  • Wipe with another microfibre cloth until the surface is clean.
  • Go to the next section.

NB! Do not apply in direct sunlight. Always turn the clean microfiber cloth side down when treating a new panel.





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