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CARPRO Clarify - Glass Cleaner

CARPRO has done it again with its new windscreen wiper! CARPRO Clarify is designed to make glass streak-free with less effort! Let's face it... nobody likes cleaning glass... Until now! With this new simple and streak-free formula, cleaning glass is no longer such a hassle, and it certainly doesn't smell so bad! Clarify not only cleans glass with ease, it won't damage your car's ceramic coating or glass ceramic. What's more, it easily cleans away tea dust, oil and fingerprints! CARPRO Clarify is safe to use on both the inside and outside of glass, leaving a streak-free result and perfect clarity every time!


  • Stripless cleaning
  • Removes dirt, oil and pollution
  • Safe for both internal and external glass surfaces
  • No damage to glass ceramics
  • Powerful cleaning effect

Cleaning instructions for glass:

  1. For best results, use with CARPRO GlassFiber a wiper blade or CARPRO GlassMitt with wiper blade.
  2. Spray 1-2 sprays onto the surface or towel.
  3. Wipe the surface with strong pressure.
  4. Turn the towel to the clean dry side or use a separate clean dry towel for the final wipe.


Further tips for cleaning glass:

  • Clean the interior glass last (after cleaning the entire cabin).
  • Fold the wiper blade twice (into quarters).During use, keep the blade flat and folded so that the wiping and cleaning pressure is evenly distributed.
  • Never finish glass with a dirty or worn towel.
  • On the inside of the glass - swipe left to right. On the outside of the glass - sweep vertically. This way you can easily identify which side of the glass has streaks when you see them after cleaning.




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