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CARPRO Detailing Brush Set

CARPRO's specially designed cleaning brushes are not only alcohol, chemical and solvent resistant, they are also made to withstand continuous use in the toughest of environments.

The set comes with 2 different types of brushes. One of the brushes is made of 100% natural pig hair, ideal for heavy duty cleaning of dirty logos or decals and emblems. The other one is made of synthetic soft fibres for a gentler cleaning to ensure scratch-free results when working on delicate black glossy plastics, interior designs, NAV screens or sensitive accessories.

  • Suitable for all exterior and interior surfaces
  • Does not damage delicate surfaces
  • Chemical resistant


  • Logos
  • Brothers
  • Butterflies
  • Staples
  • Engine room
  • Interior

After use, rinse thoroughly under running water and allow to dry.

Weight 0,2 kg



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