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Bad Boys Professional Shampoo 5L PRO

Concentrated product for the regular washing of vehicles. Very effective and pH neutral. High foaming formula ensures dirt removal efficiency. Leaves no traces. Safe on waxes and ceramic coatings.

The product is odourless!!


  • Hand Wash Shampoo
  • Effective and highly foaming
  • Safe for paint, rims, seals, glass, etc.
  • Safe for waxes and ceramic coatings
  • Component that prevents the formation of so-called "water moulds" (hard water lime deposits).
  • pH neutral


  • Pre-wash without contact using active foam or pre-wash with a solution of prepare solution
  • By mixing shampoo with water, 25 ml shampoo per 10 l water.
  • We recommend a 'two-bucket' wash, starting from the roof and working downwards.
  • Rinse the vehicle with water (preferably under pressure) to remove any remaining dirt and debris.
  • For a better effect, treat the paint surface with a glossy paint brush Quick Detailer -with.


  • The "creamy lather" effect of shampoo can only be achieved by mixing it with water in a pressure washer (pour the shampoo into a bucket and then pressurise).
  • Check the performance of the product in an unobtrusive place before first use!
  • Be careful when using freshly painted elements!
  • Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature of 5-25 ºC, avoid freezing or overheating!
  • Do not let the product dry out!
  • Make sure the surface to be cleaned is cool before applying!
  • Do not wear in direct sunlight!
  • Designed for professional use.

Keep out of reach of children!
Inhalation may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties!
May cause an allergic skin reaction or irritation.
Wear safety goggles, protective mask, protective gloves, protective clothing!
Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product!
IN CASE OF EYE INJURY, rinse gently with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if worn and if easy to remove. Seek medical advice if necessary.
Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, flames and other sources of ignition!
Avoid release into the environment!

Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 19 cm


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