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GYEON Q² Syncro EVO - Double ceramic protection


Q² Syncro EVO is a unique way to apply a specially designed coating system consisting of a sophisticated... Q² Mohs EVO base layer and Q² Skin EVO top layer, which greatly increases the gloss and hydrophobic properties of the coating. The coating also strongly enriches the colour depth of the surface, which is particularly noticeable on dark surfaces.

Q² Mohs EVO is the world's first ceramic protection using fluorine-modified polysilazanes. Why is this so important? The modification of the polylazans in the initial phase brings enormous benefits at all levels: durability, chemical resistance and ease of use. Amazingly easy to apply and wipe off, yet extremely chemical resistant. Gloss and extreme hydrophobicity are simply added values.

All EVO ceramic products can be installed outdoors. They must be installed in a stable environment and out of direct sunlight. After installation, the car must remain dry for the first 12 hours.

Consumption: 15-25ml/car
PH tolerance: 2-11
Durability: up to 50 months or 50 000 km


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