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GYEON Q² Matte EVO - Matte ceramic protection

Refreshes the paint without altering the matt, PPF or vinyl finish. Q² Matte EVO is an easy to apply, single-layer coating that is highly hydrophobic and designed for maximum durability. A major advantage of Q² Matte EVO is its neutral finish in matte or satin colours. Its silica (SiO2)-based formulation is specifically designed to provide high UV and chemical protection, combined with excellent self-cleaning properties for the very demanding texture of matte paint. The self-cleaning and water repellent properties are also superior to those of conventional coatings used on matt surfaces.

All EVO ceramic products can be installed outdoors. They must be installed in a stable environment and out of direct sunlight. After installation, the car must remain dry for the first 12 hours. Q² Matte EVO can be used on all matte and satin finishes, including paint, decal, PPF or carbon fibre. Before wiping off, make sure you create a completely even and stain-free finish. Use more than the average amount of substance - most films are much more absorbent than paint. As with any ceramic tile, remember: preparation is crucial, so clean the surface of any grease with Q²M®. Prepi help.

Consumption: 30-50ml/car
PH tolerance: 2-11
Durability: up to 24 months or 30 000 km

The set includes:

  • Q² MATTE EVO 50 ml
  • Q²M CURE MATTE 100ml
  • Applicator
  • Shamrock emblems
  • Instructions for use
  • Warranty kit

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