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Terms and conditions of the "Order and Win" campaign

  1. Odibo OÜ (hereinafter referred to as Odibo) is organising the "Order and Win" campaign (hereinafter referred to as Odibo). Campaign).
  2. The campaign will run during the period 13.06.2023 until 31.07.2023 (incl.) (hereinafter referred to as Campaign period).
  3. The procedures for the conduct of the Campaign are set out in these Rules and in the terms and conditions stated in the promotional and additional materials for the Campaign, which are binding on all participants in the Campaign.
  4. All new and existing self-employed customers of Odibo (hereafter referred to as "Odibo customers") will participate in the campaign. Campaign participants) who order goods from the Odibo.ee e-shop and register on the https://odibo.ee/telli-ja-voida website.
  5. 1 (one) digital Odibo.ee gift voucher worth 50€ (fifty euros) will be drawn between the participants of the campaign (hereinafter referred to as the "Odibo.ee"). Prize).
  6. The draw will take place 1.08.2023.
  7. The person who wins the gift voucher (hereinafter referred to as the Winner) will be contacted by e-mail to agree on the time and place to collect the Prize. If the Winner cannot be contacted by 15.08 at the latest, Odibo reserves the right not to award the Prize. With the winner's consent, we will publish the name of the winner on the Odibo Facebook page no later than 15.08.2023.
  8. The prize will not be paid out or reimbursed in cash.
  9. By participating in the Campaign, the Participant confirms that he/she has read and accepts the rules of the Campaign.
  10. Odibo reserves the right to unilaterally modify and amend the terms and conditions of the promotion by informing the participants of the promotion via the Odibo website.